Bluet Band

Bluet is a musical project born in Castelló five years ago, with influences from blues music, jazz, some soul… and a touch of pop.

Bluet is, in essence, a voice and guitar duo, Nuria Pallarés and Joaquín Pinilla, who joined paths after a previous project where they temporarily coincided.

During its first years of life, Bluet focused on its live performance as a duo, through very personal versions of blues and jazz classics, participating in various editions of local festivals.

A couple of years ago, Bluet also embarked on a new band Project, Bluet Band, accompanied by the release of an album with his own compositions.

Nuria Pallarés (vocals)
Joaquín Pinilla (guitar)
Jesús Gimeno (drums)
José Luis Bertomeu (bass and upright bass)
Cayetano Balfagó (keyboards)