Los Fabulosos Blueshakers

Los Fabulosos Blueshakers are a group from Valencia that have been on stage for years, specifically since 2007, so they have accumulated a wealth of experience that allows them to sound completely compact and united.

All the musicians master their instruments perfectly, performing a repertoire that moves between Chicago blues, jump blues, Texas blues and some rhythm & blues influences, styles that they have been able to capture in all their breadth and develop with surprising feeling, knowledge and dedication, in addition to giving them a personal air that defines them as a band with great projection in the blues panorama currently taking place in Spain.

Blues in its most joyful and dynamic version is what is offered by this more than interesting group that, thanks to its versatility and good taste, were the winners of the VII Blues Contest of the Societat de Blues de Barcelona.

Los Fabulous Blueshakers are dance, exciting and contagious rhythms, partying and fun but also professionalism, energy, elegance, feeling… in short, dedication and a job well done.

Lizzy Lee (voice)
Jorge Gener (harmonica)
Ricardo Gener (guitar)
Francisco Rubiales (bass)
Jesús Lopez (drums)