Maria Carbonell & Lucas Ibáñez

Between jazz and rock, between rhythm and blues and flamenco. A live fusion experience led by a voice with touches of jazz and rock’n’blues and a Spanish guitar with touches of jazz, flamenco and bossa.

Lucas Ibáñez is a guitarist raised in classical education, and specialized in flamenco and modern music (rock, pop, bossa nova, jazz) with a long career in teaching, works and collaborations. Lucas presents the Spanish guitar in his hands as a resonator of styles with touches of jazz, flamenco and bossa.

Maria Carbonell is a vocalist taught in modern singing and jazz, which main musical path has been walked in rock’n’blues. She has collaborated in different projects and musical styles. Maria presents her voice as a resonator of the emotions that harbor the different styles, lyrics and melodies by which we will be immersed.

Maria Carbonell (vocals)
Lucas Ibáñez (guitar)