Wax & Boogie

Over the years, Wax & Boogie have been gaining recognition and have become one of the best bands of the blues, rhythm and blues and boogie-woogie scene.

Ster Wax and David Giorcelli have been able to capture the true spirit of African-American traditional music in an exceptional way and turned it into their own means of expression. They master the language of black music in a rich and varied way. Ster and David surf easily and confidently on the different waves of the genre.

Shuffles, boogie-woogie, rock’n’roll, swing or jumps are part of their usual repertoire, not to mention intense and hot “slow downs”. That’s where we can appreciate the power and the feeling that both David on piano and Ster on vocals, as well as the rest of musicians who play with them, have brought to this style of blues that was developed by black people in the ‘South Side’ of Chicago a few decades ago.

Besides what has been mentioned, Kansas City, Texas blues and 50s R&B are present in all the work of the couple, with the constant influence of Pete Johnson, Albert Ammons, Otis Spann, Esther Phillips, Big Maybelle, Big Joe Turner, Johnny Otis, Amos Milburn and Wynona Carr, among many other great names of the forties and fifties.

Wax & Boogie also play with some of the greatest musicians of the present Spanish scene to offer the best in all its forms. We can highlight the great professionalism of musicians such as Reginald Vilardell or Carles Domingo on drums, Big Dani Pérez, Toni Solà or Pere Miró on sax, Oriol Fontanals on double bass or Predicador Ramírez on guitar, to mention a few in the world of rhythm and blues and black music, which currently are or and have been part of the Wax & Boogie family.

Those combinations ensure high energy shows and captivate the audience immediately, recalling the great masters of the genre and offering a repertoire made of covers and original creations.

Ster Wax (voice)
David Giorcelli (piano)
Oriol Fontanals (bass)
Reginald Vilardell (drums)